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Youth 2 Seniors is a youth-based program that creates intergenerational programs designed to partner youth and seniors within the community to enhance each other's lives and learning experience.


Programs are designed to:​​
Engage Youth in opportunities to volunteer at an early age and appreciate the senior citizens in our communities.
Enhance the lives of senior citizens by providing them with opportunities to share and work with local youth.
Bridging Generations by uniting youth with Seniors to partner together and build a two-way relationship.

Our Story

Many years ago my grandmother was in an assisted living faciity over Easter.  We wanted to surprise her and brighten her day, so we went in search of an Easter Bunny costume.  Well - we were too late, all teh bunny costumes were rented.  They did offer a beautiful elephant costume which we took.

On Easter Day we showed up as the elephant and I was amazed by two things 1) tons of people acted like the Easter Elephant was a part of everyday life 2) many residents had no one visiting them. 

On Easter Day of 1986 the Easter Elephant was born and has visited assisted living facilities in Austin, Houston, Wimberley, and Seattle ever since.  We started off with 1 visit and delivered 50 eggs.  We now average 4 visits a year and distribute over 850 eggs (that is 80 lbs of jelly beans).  The elephant now makes annual visits with her two baby elephants.

This was the start of our organization and we now create an assortment of intergenerational programs primarily focused on working with residents in assisted living facilities with the goal of enhancing their lives.

Programs are free of cost to all participants.

Programs are inclusive of all ages!

Programs are designed to be mutually beneficial to all participants.

We are run 100% by volunteers.


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