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"I love listening to my senior friends' stories as we create art together." 

Olivia, 12 year old Youth Participant


Genevieve, 8 year old Youth Participant 

"I always look forward to going to Youth2Seniors activities and I enjoy helping the community."

Abby, youth participant


"Youth2Seniors is such a meaningful way to bond with my child, serve others, and see love & connection between the generations. The art projects are first-class for holding the attention & encouraging the enthusiasm of my son.  We have left each event we have attended talking about how special that time was together and wanting to participate in more activites."

Whitney, mother of a youth participant

"What Youth 2 Seniors has done for our family is demonstrate to the kids how important it is to be of service and what joy you can get from sharing with the knowledgeable Seniors and make some beautiful artwork with them.  They really enjoy coming and it fills a big whole in our hearts as we miss our Nonna!"

Natalie, mother of a youth participant


"​I can't think of anything more beautiful than watching the interaction between our elderly and the youngest generations. Adelle, at Youth2Seniors created a platform that encourages this interaction as they create art. The wisdom and rich life stories of the seniors are being planted in the fertile soil of young minds as these youngsters bring life-giving joy back to them. Such a unique, yet simple idea satisfies the soul of even those of us watching on as the circle of life continues to spin."

Suzanne King, Intergenerational Art Teacher


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